Tucson International Airport Blueprint

In 2007, Sun Corridor Inc. launched the development of a long-range plan to diversify our economy and closely guide our community’s economic development vision for decades to come.
The result of this endeavor was the creation of an Economic Blueprint for the Tucson Region. The Blueprint was updated in 2013 and has proven successful in focusing our region on key opportunities and providing a competitive framework for success.
In 2018, Sun Corridor Inc. and the Tucson Airport Authority joined together in a partnership to advance commercial development around the Tucson International Airport.
This three-year partnership is already off to a strong start, but more analysis was needed to develop a series of strategies that can dramatically transform the airport.
The purpose of the 2019 TUS Blueprint is to establish a new vision for commercial development of both Tucson airports (Tucson International and Ryan Airfield), incorporating major stakeholder input for asset mapping, gap analysis and new growth strategies/tactics.
This effort was guided by a high-level Steering Committee of nearly 20 community leaders and influential organizations.  An online survey and meetings with over 100 employers also generated valuable feedback and was incorporated into the TUS Blueprint.
Download the TUS Blueprint full report here.
Download a TUS Blueprint Summary here.

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