Sun Corridor Inc. Assistance Programs

Soft Landing Program

Sun Corridor Inc. is committed to not only helping you make key business decisions about location and workforce availability, but we are also prepared to assist your team with our “Soft Landing” program. We understand the importance of having a local contact who can help minimize the stresses related to employee relocation. Our team will develop a comprehensive “Welcome to Southern Arizona” package that is customized to your group’s needs and areas of interest. If you wish, we can host your group on a personal tour of the area so that we can point out particular areas of interest. Our goals are clear: we want to help ease transition to a new climate and culture, assist spouses/partners in finding employment and engage the entire community in welcoming new employers.
Sun Corridor Inc. staff will provide you with tools and information about living and working in Southern Arizona:

  • Housing
  • Cost of Living
  • Recreation
  • Schools
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Rankings

We will also make introductions to establish one-on-one relationships with Sun Corridor Inc.'s regional partners who will facilitate a smooth set up of all your business needs. 

  • Banking
  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • CPA/Accounting
  • Legal

It is clear that organizations which relocate executives and their families face risk and financial loss if that employee curtails their assignment or turns it down because their spouse or partner cannot find suitable work and/or finds it difficult to acclimate to a new community.  We work with spouse/partners to connect them to informational interviews, job prospects, contacts within the community in the field of career choice and other networking opportunities to ease the transition.
We have a team dedicated to answering your questions about the region. It is our goal to help you establish all of the key relationships necessary to make your transition a smooth one ~ in effect, a “soft landing.”

Comprehensive Project Review

Sun Corridor Inc. is available to conduct customized research and analysis to fit your needs. Sun Corridor Inc. has comprehensive demographics and statistics about Tucson and the Southern Arizona region, including population trends and projections; employment growth rates, trends and projections; demographic snapshots; cost of living including housing statistics and trends; workforce analysis and profiles; and more.

Offering an integrated approach to programs and services, Sun Corridor Inc. is a "one stop shop" available to assist new and existing companies in their efforts to grow within or locate in the Tucson region.

Sun Corridor Inc.'s staff is available to assist businesses in determining program eligibility and to answer any questions regarding program specifics. The staff is also available to go out and meet with businesses, listen to their specific problems, and then provide a list of available resources in the community or Sun Corridor Inc. programs that are available for further assistance.


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